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Iowa Jai - Artist

Iowa Jai "Marilyn MakeDough" Robinson is a living success story.

The East Oakland, California native who was raised by a single mother, has had to overcome many obstacles and learned to quickly adapt to her surroundings. Having always been in touch with her creative side through writing, Iowa Jai ventured into the world of rap. Ever since she was a young child Iowa Jai has possessed the talent and musical passion to turn heads in the entertainment/music industry. After witnessing her mother shot in the head at age nine, Iowa Jai knew that she had a story to tell.

Born in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the United States, Iowa Jai grew up listing to the likes of N.W.A., Snoop Dogg, No Limit, Cash Money, Three Six Mafia,Bone Thugs-In-Harmony, Jay-Z, Too $hort, Lil Kim, E-40, Richie Rich,3x Krazy, Dru Down, and the Luniz. These gritty street rap influences played a major role in Iowa Jai's musical development which would ultimately lead to her pursuing her passion of becoming a mainstream rapper. Although early on Iowa Jai was often doubted, she has gone on to win countless school talent shows in the Bay Area. Not only has she graced the stages of Anton's as well as the Karribean City, Iowa Jai has also been blessed to have been spotlighted by the Laney College film department.

While earning a Bachelors Degree in Political Science at Cal State Hayward, Iowa Jai released her demo titled, "Dirty Blonde,'" which helped her to established a strong following on the local music scene. Originally politically motivated, Iowa Jai combines her book smarts with her East Oakland street mentality to tell her story to the world. "If God is for me, who can be against me."

Iowa Jai has recently  collaborated with local as well as national artists  on her new album titled "Town Bizness". Her mission this year, "To become a household name in 2018"! And with God on her side, she's definitely has the  potential to obtain great success!! 

Town Bizness

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